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Wild Bush Luxury is a collection of immersive, natural experiences in spectacular, remote Australian locations. It’s experiential travel that is not your traditional 5-star, aimed at travellers who have a love and interest in nature are looking for engaging wilderness encounters. 

Founded in 2008, the concept of Wild Bush Luxury is to bring a touch of style to its Australiana experiences that showcase our country’s extraordinarily diverse habitat. The collection of premium bush camps and multi-day walking safaris are located in some of the most raw and inspirational locations around the country, from the ancient, landscapes of the Flinders Ranges, to the wetlands of the Top End of the Northern Territory, to a world-heritage island off Tasmania’s east coast.

Founder, Charlie Carlow, always yearned for travel with nature at its heart. 

Born in Australia, Charlie relocated to the UK at the age of eight and continued on to finish a Geography degree in Edinburgh. After working for many years in Asia and Africa, Charlie returned to Australia in 2002 to live and set up a nature travel operation which later developed into Wild Bush Luxury

What inspired you to create Wild Bush Luxury? 

“A fondly remembered visit to Kenya, my mother’s homeland, when I was eleven years old, sparked my interest in wildlife – a love that has flourished over the years and has ultimately led to Wild Bush Luxury.”

“When I returned to Australia as an adult, I recognised a niche in the local travel sector, appealing to those who wanted to connect with something authentic and get off the grid.”

“So, we took a leaf out of the African safari experience, and adapted it to deliver an authentic Australian experience focusing on this country’s incredible natural environment and habitat. We might not have the big mammals of Africa, but our country has an incredible diversity of landscape and wildlife.”

Unlike other lodges, at Wild Bush Luxury we are not setting out to create purely luxury experiences. Our guests book with us because they are interested in nature and want to immerse in our wilderness experiences and really get under the skin of the outback.”

Why Australia?

“Australia is known for its iconic tourism sites – Sydney, Uluru and the Great Barrier Reef – but the country has such incredible biodiversity and landscapes, and finding a way to experience the bush and learn about its wildlife while still enjoying a few creature comforts is hard to find.” 

“Rather than staying in a typical luxury lodge, we’re showcasing Australia’s unique habitat in a style that is genuine, down to earth and understated in its luxury. This means getting off the beaten track, escaping the mainstream tourists and spending time with people – field guides in particular – who have a real love and knowledge for the country, and the passion to share that with guests.”

What five words best describe Wild Bush Luxury? 

“Understated, natural, down-to-earth, passionate and contributive.”

What does luxury mean to you?

“True luxury is the unique position of being able to switch off from the outside world – literally. With no mobile reception, wi-fi or telephones in rooms, you cannot be stressed by events in the outside world. With no check-in, an open bar to help yourself at any time, and meals around the dinner table with other guests and members of our team, it feels more like staying with friends in the country rather than a formal hotel or lodge experience. This in turn allows you to immerse yourself in the stories of the bush, free of the distractions of the outside world.”

On the future of nature and contributive tourism:

Travel as a business is full of contradictions. At its worst, it degrades and destroys environments, both natural and cultural. At its best it is a catalyst for bridging cultural divides and supporting communities and environments. At Wild Bush Luxury, our ultimate goal is to contribute to a better global environment and inspire others to do the same.”

“It is tourism that funds our conservation work at Wild Bush Luxury. Guests can help us with checking the cat traps or setting camera monitors during one of our survey periods, and profit is always delivered back to our experiences to ensure the sustainability of both landscape and local wildlife.”

“Wild Bush Luxury uses tourism as a means to contribute to environmental conservation and the local communities they work with; achieved through provoking, inspiring, educating and connecting guests to the bush in a style that is natural, exclusive and truly Australian.”